Hello there! Hi! Howdy!

I’m Deana, a mother, wife and total kitchen geek. I loved to cook, experiment with different flavors and have an obsession with kitchen gadgets and tools – and still do!

While my family and I always followed a healthy, mostly organic dietary restrictions, it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimoto a few months following the birth of our only child that things changed. Refusing to succumb to its symptoms and the “pill a day for the rest of your life” remedy (which is not a treatment and made me feel worse), I spent months researching and experimenting to figure out the best means to manage it. Cutting out Gluten made a tremendous difference and seemed to be the consensus of most natural and holistic practitioners. Soon, it was followed by Soy, Dairy, most Nightshades, and Goitrogens. As I researched and experimented, I decided it made sense to follow a Vegan diet – which is not just being more compassionate but also a more sustainable path for our Health, Environment, and Planet as a whole. Long story short, the more I experimented the better I felt, and the more I cut out the more alive I became. Surprisingly, the fewer cravings I had too.

“But what do you eat then?” Aaah, plenty. There are always tons of options to eat if you step outside the box. Being the kitchen geek that I am, I did just that! And here we are – a mostly raw diet with all the chocolate, cookies, dips and chips, sandwiches and a lot more than I could possibly eat.

Today, I’m very thankful to finally have the opportunity to share my creations with the world, to hopefully inspire others who follow a vegan/plant-based diet or are just curious, and in doing meeting many wonderful like-minded people.