Legume-Free Hummus

Who doesn’t love Hummus? A trick question there! While most couldn’t do without, many more follow diets like Keto & Paleo, have digestive issues or other health restrictions, or just don’t like its gritty texture & must avoid it. And that’s what makes our Hummus so unique!

Why you may ask?

  • Our Light & Creamy Hummus doesn’t contain Oil, added Sugar or Legumes. At all. As in, no Chickpeas or any other Beans!
  • So what’s in it? Zucchini, giving it a light consistency & super creamy texture without sacrificing any of its yumminess. Actually, without a distinctive flavor of its own, it elevates those of the Garlic & Seasoning Blend.
  • And it isn’t just for dipping either (scooping in our case). Toss it as is, or thinned with some Lemon Juice, Water or both, with some Greens or use as a Drizzle Sauce on just about anything.
  • If that’s not enough, we have four delicious flavors.
    • Lemon Garlic – Not much to add here.
    • Cilantro Jalapeno – Surprisingly no heat, but oh that Cilantro!!
    • Chipotle Cumin – Gotta love that Southwestern flavor & spice
    • Original – A lighter version of the Lemon Garlic