Cashew-based Cheese Spread

For many, giving up Cheese & Dairy is not an easy option, however necessary it might be, especially when most alternatives contain Gluten, Soy, Additives, Preservatives or several of those. But before you go without, you should give ours a try

Why you may ask?

  • Our Cheese is not only free of all that, but there’s also no added Oil or Sugar & its created from 100% whole ingredients that are blended to a perfectly flavorful creamy consistency!
  • And, as with most of our products, it’s not just for spreading. Use it as a sauce thickener for creamy sauces, create dips, or as is, thinned with some Lemon Juice, Water or both, and add to any dish
  • Want more reasons to give it a try? Here’s four:
    • Original – Our version of ‘Plain’, though nothing plain about it.
    • French Onion Dill – No one’s missing those good ole’ flavors here
    • Nacho – Our best seller with just the right amount of heat.
    • Herbes de Provence – Flavorful Herbs bouquet helps elevate any dish, raw or cooked.